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About this Board - Policies & Tips
An introduction to this Message Board. Links to policy statements, usage tips, and administractive announcements.

Welcome to the Salemweb Message Board
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Community Bulletin Board
Brief messages of community interest
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Public Meeting Notices
Anouncements of city and other meetings.
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Salem Discussion Area
A moderated posting area for registered users. Feel free to open a topic or contribute to the discussion of an existing topic - however, the owners of this board reserve the right to refuse or edit material they consider inappropriate.
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General Discussion
A moderated posting area for registered users. Feel free to open a new sub-topic or contribute to an existing sub-topic.
2113 37 10-27-15  9:34 am Robert Barber jr.
Political Discussions
For those who like talking about politics. Any flavor: local, state, national, global.
10097 182 12-02-15  7:24 pm William Conant
Salem Visitors - Comments or Questions!
Please tell us about your Salem visit. Submit comments to as many of the following topics as you like. This is a moderated area for registered users.
82 9 4-18-14  11:06 pm Wicked Willow
October and Halloween in Salem
74 9 10-05-15  6:44 am Tobey
Salem History
For devotees of history, Salem, Massachusetts, is an endlessly fascinating topic. There is always something new to be discovered about the past.
343 31 6-25-15  1:45 pm Shumana
Salem Witch Trials 0f 1692 - Questions & Answers
The 1692 Salem Witch Trials.
27 11 11-04-13  12:57 pm Jana Warren